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Try Holosync™ For Yourself

This demonstration is designed to give you a taste of the remarkable power of Holosync Technology

While this demonstration soundtrack can show you how Holosync can alter your state when you listen to it, what it cannot do is show you how dramatically it will change your life, because that takes using it over time. 

To experience the real benefits, you are going to have to purchase the products and experience it for yourself. 

You must listen through stereo headphones.

Without headphones, Holosync will not work!  In order to experience the effects of Holosyncâ, each ear must receive a discrete and different stimulus… so it will only work through headphones.

You can plug your headphones into your sound card jack or the headphone jack for your speakers. The jack for your CD-ROM will not work.

The demo lasts about 8 minutes.

During listening, sit quietly with eyes closed. For full effect, do not listen while working on other tasks.

If you are using a dial-up service for your Internet connection, the download may take some time… but I promise you it will be worth it.


Broadband *Dial Up
Try It Free! Try It Free!
"If you are using a dial-up service for your Internet connection, choose the Dial-Up heading above. Unfortunately, these versions of the demo are not as clear as that of the actual program soundtracks or as those found under the Broadband heading, but their quality is good enough that you can still experience the effects of the technology"


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