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Trouble Sleeping?

It happens to everyone has occasional— and sleep problems
generally increase as we age. But even occasional sleep
problems can damage your health and make you old before your time.

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Up to 60,000,000 … That’s 60-Million people in the United States have trouble sleeping… One in every five people!

Sleep is essential — and not just in terms of feeling "rested."   During sleep, your body produces several very important substances that are essential to your well-being, vitality, and length and quality of life.

But as you age, you lose the ability to sleep deeply — which unfortunately, leads to the development of many symptoms and ailments associated with aging — and a loss of youthful vitality and well-being.

But Here's some good news…

New research shows that, with Sleep Solution using Holosync® audio technology, it's possible to

  • Easily enter a state of deep restful sleep whenever you want
  • Regain the natural ability to sleep soundly,
  • Recover the ability to produce these vital life-enhancing substances at the same (or even higher) levels as you did when you were much younger

Sleep Solution was developed with Dr. Vincent Giampapa MD… a founding member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, head of Longevity Institute International and Past-President of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.   Dr. Giampapa is perhaps the leading researcher and authority on anti-aging medicine in the world.

Dr. Giampapa knows too well the importance to good sleep to maintaining optimum health and longevity.  He has combined his vast knowledge with the incredible revitalizing powers of Holosyncâ to create remarkable new drug free solution for all those people who difficulty sleeping.

And it can all happen at the touch of a button… Put the Sleep Solution Soundtrack into the player… lay back… and Just Push Play.

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Sleep Solution Restores Nights Sleep What's Included Back to Top

Sleep Solution… For the rest of your life!

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Why Is Sleep So Important to Good Health?

A good night's sleep is a lot more important than just feeling rested in the morning.

Why? Because many important substances are produced by the brain and the endocrine system during sleep, and when we don't sleep well...



Two of the more important substances produced during sleep are Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Melatonin. Both play crucial roles in your health and well-being.


HGH is described as the body's master hormone. As levels of HGH decline in later life so does much of the body’s youthful vitality.

All is not lost, however… Research on HGH supplementation has shown that, after 6 months of use it can produce:

  • Significant loss of fatty tissue without increased exercise
  • Reshaping and re-defining of muscles (again without increased exercise)
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • A more relaxed mental attitude and a higher threshold for stress
  • Deeper sleep
  • More rapid healing of wounds and broken bones
  • A general reversal of the aging process

In a University of Wisconsin study, synthetic growth hormone was injected into group of elderly men resulting in a sudden rejuvenation that astounded the researchers by...


Unfortunately these treatments are very expensive (about $14,000 a year!) and the effects disappeared when the treatments were discontinued.

Though there were no identifiable side effects, there is some question as to whether using supplementary HGH is a good idea, After all, these hormones are powerful and no one yet knows what the long-term effect might be.

But is it possible to produce more HGH naturally?   Yes it is!

Research shows that HGH production naturally occurs in certain theta and delta brain wave patterns — patterns we lose the ability to enter easily during sleep, or stay in for any length of time, due to age-related loss of brain plasticity. However, these brain wave patterns, easily and effortlessly (as well as regain the brain plasticity you may have lost due to aging) by listening to specially engineered soundtracks containing



Melatonin is a hormone made in the pineal gland from the amino acid tryptophan. As we consume tryptophan in our food during the day, the body converts it into serotonin, an important brain chemical involved with mood. Serotonin, in turn, is converted into Melatonin. This conversion (wouldn't you know) occurs most efficiently at night.

You probably have heard of the sleep-inducing properties of Melatonin. The ability to sleep deeply and soundly, though, is not the only benefit of high Melatonin levels. Melatonin also has a significant influence on our hormonal, immune, and nervous systems.

New research also show that Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and has powerful immune-enhancing properties. It may also have a role to play in the treatment of heart disease, as an addition to cancer treatment, and in lowering cholesterol levels!

Here's an example of just how important Melatonin can be:

A few years ago, researchers in Switzerland gave male mice Melatonin in their drinking water. Another group of mice received plain water. At the start of the study all the mice were 19 months old (equivalent to about 60 years in humans) and healthy.

The researchers were surprised when the mice on Melatonin showed striking improvements in their health, and most remarkably, lived much longer! The mean survival time of the Melatonin-treated mice was 31 months (98 years in humans) versus 25 months (78 years) in the untreated group!

That's an increase in life-span of over...TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT!

During infancy and childhood we produce lots of Melatonin during sleep and peak amounts are reaching every cell. The amount released each night, however, becomes less in middle age — and falls even more dramatically in old age.

The decline of Melatonin peak levels provides a signal to inform all cells in the body of their age — i.e. it's time to call it quits, call a lawyer to write a living will, and make the down payment for a plot at the cemetery. Some researchers, however, think Melatonin supplementation in the middle age years or beyond may be tricking our DNA into thinking, "Maybe I miscalculated. I must be younger than I thought."

Melatonin also possesses unique properties as a free radical neutralizer. A free radical is any molecule with an unpaired electron restlessly going around ravaging and harming other molecules around it. Free radicals are formed as the end result of burning glucose and other energy molecules within our cells. They are the body's equivalent of car exhaust and...


Melatonin has been found to be the most potent neutralizer of free radicals ever detected. It stops damage immediately and is more effective as an antioxidant than even vitamins C and E!

As with HGH, the effects of Melatonin supplementation appear to be nothing short of remarkable. However, no one yet knows what the long term affects might be of taking Melatonin in supplement form.

However, Holosync audio technology has been shown to dramatically increase Melatonin production naturally. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Giampapa, subjects had an average increase in Melatonin production of 97.7% in just 3 days, while many had increases of over 300%!

And you can increase the amounts of Melatonin in your body safely and without taking potentially harmful supplements...


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Sleep Solution Restores Nights Sleep What's Included Back to Top

How Sleep Solution Restores Your Natural Ability to Get a Rejuvenating Nights Sleep

In years of researching Holosync audio technology and creating programs to utilizing it (such as Mind Aerobics and Super Longevity) to help people make changes in stress levels, mental abilities, and emotional health, I've always suspected we could create a soundtrack that could alleviate sleep problems, but it wasn't until Dr. Giampapa discussed the problem with me that I was finally motivate to seriously look into it.

So, in terms of brain wave patterns, let's look at what happens when you fall asleep.

During the day, our predominant brain wave pattern is a high-frequency beta pattern (combined with some underlying delta patterns associated with some of our unconscious autonomic processes such as breathing, with a tiny bit of alpha and theta patterns).

When we fall asleep, our brain wave patterns slow from beta into alpha (pre-sleep drowsiness), and then into a back-and-forth cycle from what is called REM (rapid-eye-movement) sleep followed by non-REM sleep. REM sleep happens in a theta brain wave pattern, while non-REM sleep happens in the slower delta pattern.

Guess what? If your brain cannot make the change from delta...


So why would you not be able to enter these deeper brain wave patterns associated with sleep? Well, there are many reasons. Anxiety...depression...alcohol or drug use... disease...stress...or aging.

All of these can cause the brain to lose the ability to enter the slower brain wave patterns of restful sleep — where your brain and endocrine system make the essential substances needed for youthful vitality and well-being. These (and other) situations can cause the brain to lose some or all of its natural plasticity — its natural ability to easily and effortlessly change and flow into the different patterns of electrical energy necessary for optimum sleep.

But (and here's the good news)…

We know (from years of research and personal experience) that Holosync audio technology can easily take you into these slower brain wave patterns. And, we also know from recent research conducted by Dr. Giampapa, that Holosync causes the creation of many the same key substances produced during sleep!

So to tackle this problem, Dr. Giampapa and The New You Enterprises have create a new soundtrack program called The Sleep Solution — Science's Drug-Free Answer for "the Rest of Your Life."

In this ground-breaking new approach to sleep problems, we simply take you into the brain wave patterns of sleep, using state-of-the-art Holosync audio technology.

In the short-term, this allows you to easily enter a sleep state instead of tossing and turning all night. Then, over time, the Holosync stimulus actually stimulates the brain to regain the normal plasticity it once had that allowed you to successfully and easily enter the brain wave patterns of sleep. Regaining this plasticity over time allows deep and restful sleep to happen naturally...


In other words, Holosync can re-train your brain to behave like a normal young brain!

It’s Easy…

Just put the Sleep Solution soundtrack into the player…

And Just Press Play

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Sleep Solution Restores Nights Sleep What's Included Back to Top

What’s Included in the
Sleep Solution Set

The Sleep Solution contains two soundtracks precisely engineered to allow you to recapture your natural cycle of sleep. Both use Holosync technology to take you from an alpha brain wave pattern (pre-sleep drowsiness) through theta (REM sleep) and into delta (non-REM sleep), for one cycle of a normal sleep cycle.

Soundtrack 1, in addition to Holosync, also contains soothing ocean waves and a guided relaxation session for the first several minute to help you relax and sleep, while Soundtrack 2 contains just Holosync and ocean waves. Use Soundtrack 1 when you want the extra help of the relaxation session, and use Soundtrack 2 when you just want the Holosync alone.

Either way, during your session with either soundtrack, you're going to visit the brain wave patterns of sleep...your brain and endocrine system will be producing the key bio-substances produced during sleep...your brain will be regaining the plasticity it has lost through aging, stress, alcohol use, disease, or other causes.

And, as a result, you'll feel...

RESTED and Rejuvenated!

When offered to the general public through the regular outlets, The Sleep Solution could sell for as much as $79.95.

But as a New You Enterprises Preferred Internet Customer, we'd like to offer you a Special Purchase price of only $59.95, plus shipping and handling.

That’s a full 40% Off!

And, we are so sure Sleep Solution will bring you the drug-free answer for
the Rest Of Your Life, there’s a…


Remember…If The Sleep Solution doesn't improve your ability to sleep deeply and soundly, please send it back anytime within one full year for a full refund.

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