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Amazing New “Silent Communication” Technology –
So Powerful It Was Classified “Top Secret” By The US Government!


I’ve got some very exciting news for you. For a long time, researchers have known that when people consistently hear a strong positive message, they can change their behavior. Unfortunately, they kept running into the same problem: they couldn’t get the messages past the conscious mind.


Why is that so important? Well, in order for people to really change their behaviors, you need to get those positive messages to the part of the mind where your belief system is held. Only then will your old bad habits give way to new positive ones.


And here’s the thing: Our most fundamental beliefs are largely formed the early stages of life and engrained in our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is beneath our everyday awareness – meaning it exists on a very deep level, deeper than thought.


To change those beliefs (the ones that cause behaviors you don’t like), you have to change them on an unconscious level. That’s the reason why so many motivational techniques simply don’t work – they only deal with the conscious mind.


The problem, then, is figuring out how to bypass the conscious mind and get those positive messages through to the unconscious mind. Why is it so hard? Well, for one, the conscious mind is very resistant to change. We believe what we believe, and like to keep it that way.

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Radically Different Than Every Self-Help Technique
On the Market

One method of changing your beliefs is through verbal affirmation, where you repeat a positive sentence (“I am great”) over and over again, out loud or in your head. But because it’s only dealing with the conscious mind…verbal affirmations generally don’t work.


Another popular method is through traditional masked subliminal technology. This goes one step further than verbal affirmation, but (and don’t tell anyone I told you this)...


Most Subliminal Technology Never Really Works!


How many methods have you tried to change your belief system, only to find that – even if you make minor progress here and there – you end up right back where you started after a while? Well, you’re not the only one. It happens to everyone.


But not to worry – I’ve got some good (actually, great) news for you. Recently, The New You Enterprises has made a remarkable technological breakthrough that literally turns the entire world of personal development on its ear (no pun intended). We call it…


Developed as a Top Secret project for the US Government, Autofonix delivers powerful messages directly to the unconscious mind – in a way no other technology can. It opens an expressway to the unconscious mind, where the new positive messages can quickly and effectively replace those unwanted behaviors.

What does that mean for you?

Faster, easier changes…


Now, the Autofonix technology on its own is life-changing. But when we combine it with the powerfully engineered science of Holosyncâ, your personal growth experience is taken to entirely new levels.


The New You Enterprises has created a series of seven soundtracks to produce positive changes in your life – in the areas you care about the most.

1)    Perfect Healt
2)    Attracting Money and Success
3)    Total Self Confidence
4)    Easy Weight Loss
5)    Making Change Easy

6)    Total Creativity
7)    Attracting Love

Here’s how it works: The Holosyncâ places you in a very relaxing theta brainwave pattern, where the unconscious is pried wide open and ready to embrace new ideas.


The Autofonix then delivers the positive affirmations (replacing your unwanted old beliefs) directly to the unconscious mind…and in the process, bypassing the conscious mind in a way that has never been possible – until now.

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From the very moment you were born, your unconscious mind began sucking up information, storing it away and using it to make generalizations about who you are and what your relationship is to the rest of the universe — generalizations that play an enormous role in your life and your happiness.

These beliefs and generalizations, and the self-image they create, are often the difference between success and failure, happiness or unhappiness. For this reason, many people are searching for ways to create new and healthier unconscious programming — and to "re-program" what's already there.

Unfortunately, Most Methods Flat-Out Don’t Work!


Many of us have tried subliminal reprogramming methods at one time or another. When we started The New You Enterprises, we had what we thought was a great idea: adding subliminal affirmations to our Holosync® soundtracks.


We thought this was a great idea because Holosync® places the listener in a very suggestible state, and we wanted to take advantage of that suggestibility to place positive, life-changing messages into the unconscious mind.


Noted neurotechnology researcher Dr. Thomas Budzinski has said that in these states "a lot of work gets done very quickly" because the brain "has these properties of uncritical acceptance of verbal material, or almost any material it can process."


Wow! We'll change the world, we thought. The only problem was, it didn't seem to work very well. We could easily create the super-suggestible state we wanted, but the messages just didn't seem to be getting into the unconscious mind.


No question about it, people did have spectacular results using the Holosync® audio technology, but as amazing as these changes were, they weren't necessarily connected to any affirmations we added to the soundtracks.


But we didn't give up! After a lot of looking and experimenting, we found a completely new system of delivering the messages to the unconscious mind! It's called… 



The principals behind Autofonix are so incredibly effective in reaching the unconscious mind that until recently, it was classified Top Secret by the U.S. government!


When combined with Holosync®, this new discovery makes every other personal growth and mind development tool on the planet... OBSOLETE. PERIOD.

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How Autofonix Delivers Positive Messages…
Directly To Your Unconscious Mind!


The basis for the revolutionary Autofonix technology was invented by an aerospace engineer. He also worked as a technical representative to defense, aerospace, telecommunications, computer and software companies.


He's had a hand, in one way or another, in many of the major breakthroughs in the last twenty years in electronics, learning technologies, artificial intelligence, and a whole host of other fields.

He also has quite an interest in accelerated learning, mind expansion, and accelerated personal growth.

What Makes Autofonix Different Than Other Subliminals


The big difference between this technology and traditional subliminal affirmations is that it is not actually subliminal, in the sense that it isn’t below the limits of hearing in terms of volume, as are traditional subliminals.


Instead it was above the limits of human hearing—not in volume, but in frequency. In other words, the messages were “frequency-modulated” using an ultra-high carrier frequency chosen in such a way that the brain and the ear could de-modulate the signal—and, at least on an unconscious level, understand it.

This allows the messages to be...

  • Completely silent to the human ear, yet many times louder than everything else on the soundtrack
  • Picked up very powerfully by the unconscious mind, below the threshold of conscious awareness.
Creating More Effective Communication

With The Brain Than Ever Before

How does the re breakthrough Autofonix effectively reach the unconscious mind like traditional "masked" subliminals can’t?


Here's the answer: with Autofonix  the affirmations are encoded on a powerful, inaudible, frequency modulated UHF (ultra-high frequency) audio carrier frequency, which is readily demodulated or decoded by the natural characteristics of the human ear. The result is...

Subliminal Messages TEN MILLION TIMES

More Powerful Than Other Soundtracks!!

This is not a misprint. The decoded voice affirmations vibrate the diaphragm of the human ear at an audio power level which is over one hundred decibels more powerful, BY ACTUAL MEASUREMENT, than the traditional "masked" subliminal recording method (where the messages are at lower volume than the rest of the sounds on the soundtrack).


This is a powerful increase, over regular "masked" subliminals, of over 10 million times! (I know this sounds fantastic, but the scientific calculations demonstrate that it works out!) The messages are totally silent and yet are powerfully perceived by the listener's unconscious mind.

This technology has even been used to communicate, for the first time, with the profoundly deaf!


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It’s not just us who are excited about the incredible Autofonix technology.


Here's what Dr. Clyde Thompson of Harvard University's School of Public Health and Government Medical Research Center had to say about technology:

"[This] is the only system that we have seen and tested that uses straight forward, scientific techniques to produce subliminal soundtracks whose effective outputs can be measured by the human ear. The developers of this system have combined a number of proven scientific principles to produce a very unique and silent method for passing information to the subconscious mind while completely bypassing the conscious mind."

The medical division of Business-Technology Review had this to say:

"[This] new, and recently declassified system for producing silent subliminal audio soundtracks...has finally eliminated the deficiencies in the present subliminal recording methods and fully complies with the Federal Trade Commision's and Food and Drug Administration's new and more stringent standards for requiring products to back up their advertising claims with certifiable measurements."

Business-Technology Review gave this new technology one of only three A-1 venture capital ratings awarded for the entire year!

This Is By Far The Biggest Breakthrough

In The Ability To Communicate With Your Unconscious Mind…



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How Autofonix Uses Its Breakthrough Technology
To Positively Impact Your Health


Occasionally we are asked whether or not these very powerful ultrasonic signals might be in some way harmful to the ear. Well, we looked into, and…

Apparently The Opposite Is The Case!


The great French scientist Alfred A. Tomatis began using ultrasonic frequencies to treat a variety of health problems as far back as the 1950s. Some of the results Tomatis's found in subjecting the brain to this type of ultrasonic stimulation include:


  • Easier, more efficient sleep. Sleeping time in some cases shortened by 2 to 3 hours a night.
  • New vitality and sense of well being.
  • Obliteration of tiredness.
  • Deep relaxation and relief of anxiety, with consequent healing of stress-related disorders such as high blood pressure, hypertension, digestive problems.
  • Help for dyslexia, hyperactivity and behavior problems in children.
  • Weight loss.
  • Heightened creativity and mental capacity. Improved memory, concentration and learning ability.

And this is the effect of just the sound itself — not the messages! When you add the effects of the messages, you've really got something!


Autofonix technology delivers positive messages directly to the unconscious mind much more powerfully than any kind of ordinary subliminal system. In addition, the ultra high-frequency sound itself actually nourishes the brain and creates a whole list of powerful positive benefits!

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Radically Different Change Beliefs Highway to Unconcious Experts Say Breakthrough Technology Save Big Back to Top

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To get all seven soundtracks using the proprietary Autofonix  technology – developed by a certified electronics genius -- to deliver positive messages straight to your unconscious mind...


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6)    Total Creativity

7)    Attracting Love

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How Much Are Your Most Important Goals Worth To You?

What if you could effortlessly accomplish even your most ambitious goals – by listening to a soundtrack for as little as 30 minutes a day? What price tag would you put on success?

How about $500? $2500? Maybe even $10,000?

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