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Take Your Life to New Levels
Advanced Levels 2 to 5!

While First Level of Mind Aerobics® is a Complete Program in Itself,
There is Now New, More Powerful Advanced Levels –
Making the Mind Aerobics Program Even Better!

The fact is, if you liked the original Mind Aerobics, you’re going to love the advanced levels!

We’ve made a startling new discovery, making the Holosync® technology even more powerful and effective, and allowing you to take your life to an …

Entirely New Level

What’s more, Mind Aerobics 2-5 are recorded entirely in a revolutionary new 3-D audio technology that makes these soundtracks a treat to listen to as well as even more effective.

But more important – due to our new discovery about Holosync audio technology – using Mind Aerobics advanced levels will literally … 

Open the Floodgates of Your Mind!

These new advanced levels of Mind Aerobics will…

  • Dramatically lower your stress level
  • Send your mental abilities through the roof
  • Dramatically increase your level of happiness and inner peace and…
  • Help eliminate unresolved emotional issues and their related problems from your life

And, because we’ve made the technology even more powerful, that wonderful feeling of deep rejuvenating relaxation you experience with the original Mind Aerobics is…even stronger!

Mind Aerobics 2-5

Scientific Breakthrough Why More? What's Included Order and Save Save on All 4 Back to Top

Scientific Breakthrough Makes Possible

Advanced Levels of Mind Aerobics

When we first created Mind Aerobics, we were blown away with the results. We enjoyed some amazing experiences and incredible improvement in emotional health, mental abilities, and lowered stress levels.

We were very disappointed, however, when after several months the soundtracks didn’t seem to affect us as powerfully as before. It wasn’t that people did not continue to experience significant benefits, but it just didn’t seem to have the same impact it did when they started.

We decided we had to find a way to make Holosync more powerful – to extend and increase the amazing results we were getting. After much trial and error…we did!

The secret? It’s really very simple. There’s a hidden aspect to Holosync we didn’t notice at first. When we finally discovered it, we found it was the master key to the whole technology!

What was it? It’s something called carrier frequency.

The Holosync tones that create the alpha, theta, and delta brainwave patterns “ride” on something called a “carrier frequency,” which can be in a wide spectrum from very high to very low. But here’s the secret: the lower this carrier frequency, the more powerful the effect.

So, the main change in the new Mind Aerobics 2-5 soundtracks (in addition to the fact that they’re recorded in the incredible 3D Audio), is that we lowered the carrier frequency we’re using to place you in the alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns. Each level has a progressively lower carrier frequency that makes each level even more powerful.

That’s why… Mind Aerobics 2-5 soundtracks not only feel much stronger – they deliver
even greater benefits!

Mind Aerobics 2-5

Scientific Breakthrough Why More? What's Included Order and Save Save on All 4 Back to Top

Why You Need
Advanced Levels of Mind Aerobics

Why do you need the advanced levels of Mind Aerobics ? Well, technically you don’t. If everything is just hunky-dory and there’s not one thing you’d like to change, or you have no desire to increase your personal effectiveness, then by all means, don’t buy it.

But if there’s a part of you that would like to experience a life even better than anything you could ever imagine, then you’ll want to read on.

It helps to think of Mind Aerobics like physical exercise. When you start on an exercise program – say, running one mile per day – you give your body a physical stimulus it can’t handle. At first, then, your body has difficulty running the mile.

Over time, however, you build up your muscles and the one-mile run does not seem so difficult. You feel in better shape, you have more energy, and your mind is sharper. But now, even though you’re feeling better, you’re ready to take it to the next level. 

So you start running two miles instead of one – and it’s just as hard as when you started the program. But over time, you experience even greater benefits from the expanded workout.

Eventually, however, you’re read to take it up one more notch. Now you gradually increase to three miles. And after that, four…until you reach a point where you’re functioning at peak performance… way beyond anything you though possible before you began!

In the same way you add more miles your exercise routine…

Mind Aerobics Is Like Adding More Miles to Your Mental Workout!

The initial level of Mind Aerobics exercises the mind by providing more input than it is used to.  In the beginning, just like running a mile, this pushes your brain to handle more stimulus than it’s used to.

Over time, however, the mind finishes creating the new neural pathways it needs to handle the Holosync stimulus – causing it to reorganize at a higher level (just like muscles develop at higher levels with exercise).  In time, you not only feel less stressed, but you can handle more stressful situations…without feeling overwhelmed.

You’re feeling great, but over time you notice that the soundtracks don’t seem as strong as they once were. Mind Aerobics has helped you build up your mind to the point that you are now ready for a new challenge – the next level of Mind Aerobics.

Mind Aerobics 2-5

Scientific Breakthrough Why More? What's Included Order and Save Save on All 4 Back to Top

Here’s What’s Included In Each Of The
Mind Aerobics 2-5 packages:

  • The first soundtrack is called Basic Workout 2-5. This soundtrack takes you down through an alpha brain wave pattern, through the deeper theta brain wave pattern, and into the deepest delta brain wave pattern – just as the original Basic Workout soundtrack did – but Basic Workout 2-5 uses a lower and more powerful carrier frequency, which makes it stronger and increases the results you’ll receive! (And, it’s recorded in amazing 3D Audio!)

  • The second sound track is the Extended Workout. We created this new soundtrack because so many people asked for a way to extend the workout provided by the Basic Workout. Used right after Basic Workout, this soundtrack extends your listening session by continuing to hold you in the deep delta brain wave patter – where so many powerful positive changes take place, and where many beneficial brain chemicals are released.

  • The third soundtrack is called Super Stress Release 2-5, and it’s specifically designed to further increase your threshold for what you can handle coming at you from the world. Super Stress Release 2-5 holds you in the theta brain wave pattern (but at a lower carrier frequency than the original Super Stress Release), where “ah-ha” insights and new creative connections happen, and where you’ll experience what scientists call “integrative experiences” in your emotional life. It will give you more clarity and mental vitality and – most important – will allow you to even better handle whatever happens in your world – without the stress!

  • As a special added FREE bonus, we'll include a fourth soundtrack called Centering ($19.95 value). Here's how it works: We all face situations everyday where it's important to be calm, centered, and at our best – a conversation with your teenager, a job interview, a discussion with your spouse, a sales presentation, taking a test at school, or any activity where you want to be centered, calm, and at your mental and emotional best.

    Just ten minutes listening to Centering before one of these situations will place you in that special "flow" state of peaceful centeredness where you'll function at your peak, easily handle any tension or stress that comes up, and be more likely to get the outcome you're looking for. It's quick, easy to use, and it really works!
Mind Aerobics 2-5

Scientific Breakthrough Why More? What's Included Order and Save Save on All 4 Back to Top

Order Now and Save Big
on Advanced Levels…
Mind Aerobics 2-5


The regular price for each advanced level of Mind Aerobics (2-5) is $ $104.95. But frankly, when you buy over the Internet, we save money -- and we want to Pass Those Savings On To You. Besides, we want to get the soundtracks into your hands as quickly as possible so you can realize all the wonderful benefits. That’s why…

For a Limited Time,
If You Order Right Now,
You’ll Get a Huge Discount
Not Found Anywhere Else!

For each advanced level

A set of CD’s is not $104.95, but just $82 plus shipping and handling…
That’s a savings of $22.95 over the regular price –
But you’ll only get it if you order right now!


Mind Aerobics 2-5

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Save a Bundle By Buying
All 4 Advanced Levels of Mind Aerobics
at One Time

By now, you know there are a total of 4 Advanced Levels of Mind Aerobics… each level more powerful than the last. And over time, you can graduate from one to the next, enjoying continuing improvements in stress level, mental abilities, emotional health, longevity, and overall well-being!

Mind Aerobics 2, 3, and 4 are all regularly priced $104.95.

Our research indicates a person should spend six months to a year in each level of Mind Aerobics before continuing to the next level, and you can always get each new level one at a time, as you need it.

But if you know you want to gain all the benefit possible from Mind Aerobics by completing the entire series...and you want to save a substantial amount of money by paying for the entire series all at once, then the following offer is perfect for you...Here it is: If you purchase the four remaining levels now —you can have all four new levels for a special test marketing price…

All Four Advanced Levels of Mind Aerobics are a total of $257.97 plus shipping and handling…
(That'’s $64.49 per level... a total savings of $161.84) That’s a great deal all by itself, but to make it an even sweeter deal we'll include a bonus

Of ALL seven of the Autofonix™ Soundtracks for FREE!

(That is a $174.65 Value!!)

We’re pulling out all the stops this time…and given the high levels of demand we expect, we don’t know how long we can offer this and still stay profitable. So it’s in your best interest to act immediately.

So, if you want to get the ultimate Mind Aerobics experience and save a boatload of money…

Mind Aerobics 2-5

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